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4:5 Alyssa Rosales is barking up the wrong tree in this latest shock vid that hit the net and went viral If you've seen it and cringed in shock that something is actually worse than the giovanna...
Girl has s3x with dog Alyssa Rosales gets! by her Dog...(thoughts..(pray!/ oh my 122239 views
1:12 [Alyssa Rosales] Girl Has S3x With Her Dog?!!.. thoughts / recap / review this is a reaction Wow Whats really going on??? A girl named Alyssa has done the unthinkable... She actually...
Girl (Alyssa Rosales) has sex with her dog. Reaction 114829 views
2:11 That girl is so f*cking stupid. She has issues. She had sex with her DOG -.- what has this world come to?! ugh smh.
The Alyssa Rosales Dog Video Rap 17300 views
1:55 Guy rapping about the girl who has intercourse with a dog! Check his other rap about fat bitches on my channel :) His facebook page is facebook.com/EmceeChevy.
Alyssa Rosales the dog fucker (RESPONSE) 7588 views
3:12 LINK IN DESCRIPTION: VIDEO #1 & #2 http://alyssarosalesdogsex.blogspot.com.au/
Black Ops 2: Girl Who Eats Tampon, Guy Eats Poop, ALYSSA ROSALES Doing Her Dog 2423 views
3:10 READ/OPEN Watch in 720p! Dont forget to like,comment subscribe Dirty Fool Eating His Own Waste! ???) http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhS8yrgDi57541nr75 Tampon Girl!
This Chick Alyssa Rosales haves sex with a dog?! ''Wtf?'' (animal abruse) 23745 views
11:49 I feel bad for her , and the dog :P . I was sick, i had a cold :(
Shut the f*ck up about Alyssa rosales already! 1344 views
3:59 I understand that she had sex with her dog but that video was posted a long time ago. I am sick of hearing about it. Shut the hell up.
Alyssa Rosales and Giovanna Plowman make me sick 1045 views
2:16 Alyssa Rosales f*cks her dog Giovanna Plowman sucks period blood out of tampon wtf is wrong with this world?
My reaction to Alyssa Rosales' Video 13261 views
1:20 This is sick. Wait till the end. Here's the link, since someone asked for it: http://alyssarosalesexclusive.blogspot.fr/
Alyssa Rosales Response. 2325 views
2:14 First ever youtube video! Sorry I'm actually sick and I sounded like a douche! hahaha I was pretty nervous! Well if you like that there will be a new video on almost every monday, subsribe,...
Alyssa Rosales Reaction 6525 views
1:54 FLAG OF THE WEEK: Alyssa Rosales and her dog NO LINKS OFFERED to it isabelrants http://youtu.be/IjUIXEIF248 ...
Flags Recap for the Week - February 4, 2013 241 views
23:51 I'm sorry that I had to remove the footage, but it's not worth risking my Partnership. YouTube has been good to me, and the least I can do is respect what they've asked me to do. Thanks...
Why Would You Put That on the Internet? #4 52 views
7:26 CREDITS MAIN DANCER: Alyssa Rosales Choreographer: Cassandra Garcia Music: Stephanie Guzman Presentor Voice: Joshua Marerro Backup Dancers-(Laker Players): Ian Pacheco Jacob ...
Videos de Alyssa Rosales 3973 views
2:3 trying sing en dance.
Reaction to Alyssa Rosales 10065 views
1:21 A 25 year old woman has taken her love for her pet a bit too far. Police found the video on her phone. Oh, and it gets better...authorities can't take the dog, as it's not evident it was cruelly...
3:6 Women Has Sex With Dog In Australia After Being Busted For The Sale Of Cannabis, marijuana, bestiality ...