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My reaction to Alyssa Rosales' Video 12846 views
1:20 This is sick. Wait till the end. Here's the link, since someone asked for it: http://alyssarosalesexclusive.blogspot.fr/
4:5 Alyssa Rosales is barking up the wrong tree in this latest shock vid that hit the net and went viral If you've seen it and cringed in shock that something is...
Alyssa Rosales Response. 2276 views
2:14 First ever youtube video! Sorry I'm actually sick and I sounded like a douche! hahaha I was pretty nervous! Well if you like that there will be a new video o...
Girl has s3x with dog Alyssa Rosales gets! by her Dog...(thoughts..(pray!/ oh my 119629 views
1:12 [Alyssa Rosales] Girl Has S3x With Her Dog?!!.. thoughts / recap / review this is a reaction Wow Whats really going on??? A girl named Alyssa has done the...
Alyssa Rosales the dog fucker (RESPONSE) 7552 views
3:12 LINK IN DESCRIPTION: VIDEO #1 & #2 http://alyssarosalesdogsex.blogspot.com.au/
Girl (Alyssa Rosales) has sex with her dog. Reaction 114178 views
2:11 That girl is so f*cking stupid. She has issues. She had sex with her DOG -.- what has this world come to?! ugh smh.
Reaction to Alyssa Rosales 10024 views
1:21 I understand that she had sex with her dog but that video was posted a long time ago. I am sick of hearing about it. Shut the hell up.
Shut the f*ck up about Alyssa rosales already! 1305 views
3:59 Batang Bayani's Bayani na, Sikat pa! 1st Elimination Round Pinoyrelax.
Bayani na, Sikat pa! - Alyssa Rosales (Age: 4) 2758 views
4:15 I feel bad for her , and the dog :P . I was sick, i had a cold :(
This Chick Alyssa Rosales haves sex with a dog?! ''Wtf?'' (animal abruse) 23592 views
11:49 What do you guys think of these stories? I would love to hear them :) Personally I think they're all cray-cray My Twitter - http://twitter.com/OhMyNuggets Fa...
Topic Tuesday - Giovanna Plowman, Alyssa Rosales and Chicken Boy (Black Ops 2 Zombies) 637 views
5:54 Check out their channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thefilharmonic Download it on iTunes: https://t.co/zSWCc8EsLL Alyssa Bernal: http://www.twitter.com/aly...
Tegne video 223 views
1:7 Mayonnaise performs Synesthesia at the Tayo Na Lang Dalawa Album Tour SM Rosales August 2, 2014.
Alyssa 2221 views
2:28 THE AGONIST - Panophobia (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Prisoners". Century Media 2012. Get it now! http://smarturl.it/AgonistPrisiTunes.
Mayonnaise - Synesthesia (Live at SM Rosales) 1567 views
4:7 Filipinos will always choose to smile amidst hardships; we find happiness even in the small things. We know how to be grateful and remain positive. We believ...
gwiyomi by ayumi 175 views
0:21 This is what happens when you talk shit & can't back it up!!! smh! Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/BarrettTV Follow me on Instagram http://instagram...
THE AGONIST - Panophobia (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 3533359 views
4:10 The Yellow Room Night 19 East Bar & Grill August 24, 2014 00:00 Tayo Na Lang Dalawa 04:23 Parang 08:15 The Only Thing 11:47 Pink White Blue 16:40 Paraan 26:1...