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4:5 Alyssa Rosales is barking up the wrong tree in this latest shock vid that hit the net and went viral If you've seen it and cringed in shock that something is...
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1:20 This is sick. Wait till the end. Here's the link, since someone asked for it: http://alyssarosalesexclusive.blogspot.fr/
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1:55 Guy rapping about the girl who has intercourse with a dog! Check his other rap about fat bitches on my channel :) His facebook page is facebook.com/EmceeChevy.
This Chick Alyssa Rosales haves sex with a dog?! ''Wtf?'' (animal abruse) 21052 views
11:49 I feel bad for her , and the dog :P . I was sick, i had a cold :(
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1:54 I understand that she had sex with her dog but that video was posted a long time ago. I am sick of hearing about it. Shut the hell up.
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2:3 [Alyssa Rosales] Girl Has S3x With Her Dog?!!.. thoughts / recap / review this is a reaction Wow Whats really going on??? A girl named Alyssa has done the...
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1:21 He's sad that a human would do that to a dog.
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3:59 Blood and Sex Nightmare (2008)
Girl has s3x with dog Alyssa Rosales gets! by her Dog...(thoughts..(pray!/ oh my 97655 views
1:12 Alyssa R. demonstrating the insertion of a foley catheter. Recorded by Marteen B.
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1:59 Watch Full Disney Movies On My Blog FREE Including Disney's Frozen! Click Here - Thank You For Watching! ❤ Please Like & Share!. - The Little Mermaid (1989) ...
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2:28 muhammadjumair.
Skill Mastery #4 Foley Catheter Insertion 122 views
4:27 On 18 March 2008 a two-year-old boy was beaten to death in a Texan border town. His aunt, Mayra Rosales, was the only one with him at the time and was charge...
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