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My reaction to Alyssa Rosales' Video 11594 views
1:20 This is sick. Wait till the end. Here's the link, since someone asked for it: http://alyssarosalesexclusive.blogspot.fr/
The Alyssa Rosales Dog Video Rap 16631 views
1:55 Guy rapping about the girl who has intercourse with a dog! Check his other rap about fat bitches on my channel :) His facebook page is facebook.com/EmceeChevy.
4:5 Alyssa Rosales is barking up the wrong tree in this latest shock vid that hit the net and went viral If you've seen it and cringed in shock that something is...
Alyssa Rosales Response. 2055 views
2:14 First ever youtube video! Sorry I'm actually sick and I sounded like a douche! hahaha I was pretty nervous! Well if you like that there will be a new video o...
Reaction to Alyssa Rosales 9409 views
1:21 That girl is so f*cking stupid. She has issues. She had sex with her DOG -.- what has this world come to?! ugh smh.
Girl (Alyssa Rosales) has sex with her dog. Reaction 108118 views
2:11 READ/OPEN Watch in 720p! Dont forget to like,comment subscribe Dirty Fool Eating His Own Waste! ???) http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhS8...
Black Ops 2: Girl Who Eats Tampon, Guy Eats Poop, ALYSSA ROSALES Doing Her Dog 2242 views
3:10 [Alyssa Rosales] Girl Has S3x With Her Dog?!!.. thoughts / recap / review this is a reaction Wow Whats really going on??? A girl named Alyssa has done the...
Girl has s3x with dog Alyssa Rosales gets! by her Dog...(thoughts..(pray!/ oh my 110241 views
1:12 LINK IN DESCRIPTION: VIDEO #1 & #2 http://alyssarosalesdogsex.blogspot.com.au/
Alyssa Rosales the dog fucker (RESPONSE) 7444 views
3:12 On 18 March 2008 a two-year-old boy was beaten to death in a Texan border town. His aunt, Mayra Rosales, was the only one with him at the time and was charge...
Alyssa Rosales Reaction 5728 views
1:54 What do you guys think of these stories? I would love to hear them :) Personally I think they're all cray-cray My Twitter - http://twitter.com/OhMyNuggets Fa...
Half-Ton Killer 43142512 views
47:27 I feel bad for her , and the dog :P . I was sick, i had a cold :(
Topic Tuesday - Giovanna Plowman, Alyssa Rosales and Chicken Boy (Black Ops 2 Zombies) 612 views
5:54 a video i watched made me question why i still exist on this planet and why i must witness so much fucked up shit. this video couldn't be uploaded yesterday ...
This Chick Alyssa Rosales haves sex with a dog?! ''Wtf?'' (animal abruse) 22997 views
11:49 Mayonnaise performs Synesthesia at the Tayo Na Lang Dalawa Album Tour SM Rosales August 2, 2014.
Girl Has Sex With A Dog!! EWWW 87193 views
3:15 Mayonnaise performs Pink White Blue at the Tayo Na Lang Dalawa Album Tour SM Rosales August 2, 2014.
Tegne video 183 views
1:7 WEIGHT (Explicit Lyrics) Latrice Royale featuring Epiphany Mattel (Lomlplex Drive Thru Remix) Remix Album Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/al...
Mayonnaise - Synesthesia (Live at SM Rosales) 741 views
4:7 24 hour journey from the States...Family... Best of Friends...Turquoise Beaches....Unreal Mango Smoothies...Badass Personalities... Too Much Love... Magical ...
Alyssa 1783 views